Book cover of Sheep Are Simply Less Trouble Than Scotsmen by Lisa Brookhouse


Sheep Are Simply Less Trouble Than Scotsmen

Kittie always hoped she'd marry for love. But her father had other plans…

A pawn in a dangerous game of power and greed, Kittie is torn from elegance and thrust into the Highlands of 18th century Scotland, where she must navigate the treacherous paths of loyalty, betrayal, and forbidden attraction.

A captivating work of historical fiction that will keep you riveted until the very last page.

The author Lisa Brookhouse with dog Bonnie

About Lisa Brookhouse

A lifelong daydreamer, Lisa lives on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, with her husband, two children, and dog Bonnie.

When she isn't drinking coffee, working in her garden, or happily watching the grass grow, Lisa feeds her mild obsession of Scottish culture and history with assorted literature regarding the textile industry, Highland and Lowland Clearances, and all things 18th century innovation.

Sheep Are Simply Less Trouble Than Scotsmen is her first published, though second written, novel. Beyond the Rough Bounds, set in 1795 Scotland and currently being adapted into a four part book series, will be published late 2024.

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